Celebrating the wider foster family

Foster carers do an incredible job, taking in the most vulnerable children in Slough and giving them a loving, nurturing home where they can feel safe and secure. But it is not just the foster carers who play an important role, the children of those carers are as important when it comes to welcoming that child and making them feel part of the family.

Children of foster carers have the advantage of understanding the family set-up intimately while also knowing the pressures that young people can face. They can use this awareness to help their new foster brother or sister settle in and develop a sense of belonging, something that is key to the stability of the placement. They can also provide someone who isn’t an adult they can talk to and get support and friendship from.

Slough Children’s Services Trust recently hosted its annual Kids Care 2 celebration to say thank you to the children of foster carers for what they do to support other children, and the overriding message that came out of the event was that being part of a foster family was helping those children to develop emotionally well beyond their years.

Awards were presented by Slough MP, Tan Dhesi, who said: “While foster carers are rightly recognised by us all for being compassionate and caring, their children also need a very big heart to share everything including their family, toys, parents’ love and attention, and much more besides with that new child.”

People can often be put off from becoming a foster carer because of the perceived effect it could have on their own children but, based on the evidence on display, the reality is very different.

Many foster carers in Slough will point to the maturity their children possess as a result of being part of a foster family. At the Kids Care 2 celebration, nearly all the citations read out at the presentation of awards highlighted the positive impact of being part of a foster family, with children developing a caring, compassionate temperament that has made their parents incredibly proud.

If you thought having children was a barrier to foster care then think again. It could be the best thing to happen to your children.

To find out more, get in touch with the trust’s fostering team by calling 0800 073 0291, email, or visit the Trust's website.  

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