Bright futures start in early years and childcare

Want a job you love? Are you thinking of starting a career in early years? Perhaps you are looking to switch career and want to work with children, giving Slough’s next generation the best start in life?

Whatever your reasons, working in early years and childcare can be fun, exciting and incredibly rewarding, with lots of different job opportunities across the sector.

So, if you've often wondered whether you could make the switch and change to a career in early years and childcare, you might be surprised at just how easy it could be.

There are many different roles associated with the profession, ranging from managerial roles to hands-on assistant jobs. Of course, if you intend to work in early years and childcare, it's safe to say you think you're good working with children. But it's best to have an idea of a more specific role, so you can make the most of your skills and strengths, particularly as working with children requires a lot of dedication, patience and enthusiasm.

Some of the most common positions found in childcare include working within nurseries and schools, within pre-schools and playgroups, childminding and playwork. 

Working with children information session 

  • Monday 25 November, 6.30pm-8.30pm

If you are considering a career in early years and childcare but would like more information, book onto one of the information sessions about working with children.  

Building a more diverse early years workforce 

The council is keen to attract more male workers into childcare and early years. Men working in the sector have a great deal to offer and provide opportunities for a more gender balanced workforce. Children need good role models, both male and female, but nationally men only make up two per cent of the early years and childcare workforce. Men in childcare can encourage different approaches to learning and play and provide a positive balance for children. They can reduce gender stereotypes and change perceptions of the childcare industry. 

Case study – Richard  

Richard is part of a management team that runs two afterschool clubs, a holiday club and a nursery in Slough.

“I always wanted to be a teacher but wasn’t sure if working with children is something I would enjoy. My opportunity to work with children came about through a friend’s mum who pointed me in the direction of a local nursery which was looking for staff. I enjoyed the job so much that I slowly progressed by getting qualified and becoming a member of the management team.

“Working with children creates a different experience each day. My job can be challenging and sometimes frustrating but the children always make it fun and interesting.

“I don't want to limit myself to specific aspirations for my childcare career but there are certainly options for me to progress as I have a level 5 in Playwork and I’m an EYT (Early Years Teacher Status). My opportunities in childcare have presented themselves in a very natural way so I’m happy to allow my career to carry on in that way as it’s been great so far.”

Case study - Michelle

Michelle has been a childminder for more than 10 years looking after children in her own home.

“I worked in business travel for 20 years looking after multi-million pound accounts for big industries. Yes it was a difficult decision as I loved my job, but it was most definitely the right decision, I felt I wanted more, I wanted to feel I was doing more and I wanted to work in a job that was more rewarding for me and for others. Childminding ticked these boxes.

“It’s the hardest job I have ever done but it’s so rewarding to play a part in a child's life, become part of a wider family unit and support them as the child develops. It is an amazing privilege and this all happens whilst you are earning an income and having fun from your own home.”

More information

When working in early years and childcare, there are certain positions where you will need appropriate qualifications to fulfil the requirements of the role.

For more information about the various different career options and qualification requirements in early years and childcare visit the National Careers Service website.

If you would like to explore qualification routes please contact Windsor Forest College Group.

For further information about careers and jobs in early years and childcare in Slough visit the council's website or book to attend one of the information sessions about working with children.  

Telephone: 01753 476554


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