Working together: changing the way we engage with communities in Slough

A co-production network, where professionals and people who use services work in equal partnership to design, deliver and review services, is thriving.

The network was set up in March by the council’s adult social care department, together with health partners.

It is made up of senior adult social care officers and health staff together with 10 volunteers from the local community with experience of health and social care services.

The group have met three times so far, and have begun to work together in equal partnership; a new approach to the way we engage with our communities.

An important part of working in this way is recognising that we are learning from the experience and everyone who is involved. There are some great examples of co-produced services in Slough, and it is something we are aiming to do more of with the help of the co-production network.

The co-production network aims to:

  • shape local health and social care services
  • really listen and engage with local people
  • make decisions about services together
  • work with and engage the wider community.

As well as the co-production network, we have also co-designed a toolkit to assist health and social care professionals in engaging with the local people who use services. The toolkit can be found on the council's website

Later in the year we will be hosting a wider community engagement event. If you would like to find out more or join us, please email or call Beth Reed, community partnerships and development officer, on 01753 875538.

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