Foster caring experiences

There’s a real need for more foster carers to look after vulnerable children in our local area. Some of the amazing foster carers who work with Slough Children’s Services Trust have recently been sharing their stories through blogs and below are some of the highlights.

Can you foster in your 60s? Sure you can! Just ask Connie…

Trust - Connie James“It’s more than 30 years since I started fostering. 30 years! When I took on my first child, I didn’t think my husband and I would still be fostering in our 60s but it’s really become a way of life for our family. I’m proud to say we’ve helped more than a hundred children and it’s made our family bigger and better in so many ways. We’re still in touch with many of the children (now adults!) we’ve cared for. Some pop round for Sunday dinners and some even have babies of their own!

“You won’t be surprised to hear that over the years, we’ve had some challenging times but while working for Slough, now Slough Children’s Services Trust, we have been supported well during good times and bad and we feel they are part of our large family. The best thing is when I hear the kids’ laughter, when they relax, trust you and start talking to you and coming out of their shell.

“Some people think it’s amazing that we’re still fostering in our 60s but the children we care for keep us young in body and mind and while we have good health we feel we can help many more. I see people our age, who are fit and able, and may be looking for something truly worthwhile to keep them busy. If that’s you, I’d say why not look into fostering?” 

Connie, Cippenham 

What some of our other carers say about fostering

There are benefits for children and carers…

Trust - Sam and Des“We’ve been fostering for almost 10 years now and it’s given us so much, really enriching our lives. We’ve grown as people and we see things from a very different perspective.”

Sam and Des, Bucks

Faith can be a big influence… 

Trust - Sofia Sattar“The best thing about fostering has been having a child join our journey and experience family life. I would definitely say my faith as a Muslim has also been a key factor, with the sense of community spirit and 'giving back'.”

Sofia, Slough 

It can be great for your own children... 

Trust - Denise Chappell“Being part of a fostering family makes my kids the amazing little people they are. They are kind, patient and they get that we’re not all the same and we haven’t all had the same chances in life.”

Denise, Wexham

You can read all their full stories by visiting the Slough Children's Services Trust website.

SCST logoTo find out more about fostering, what it involves and the support Slough Children’s Services Trust can give you, phone 0800 073 0291, email or come to one of our information sessions on the last Thursday each month at St Martins Place from 6.30-8.30pm.

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