Salt Hill Park summer works

WWT work at Salt Hill Park

Volunteers removed a trolley and four tyres from the stream

Work to build a new wetland ‘waterscape’ in Salt Hill Park could start in the summer, subject to planning permission.

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) is continuing to work with the council, Thames Water and the Environment Agency to create a new wetland in Salt Hill Park, and to improve the rest of the stream with volunteers and community groups.

If approved, the wetland ‘waterscape’ project will feature a new shallow stream, a perfect place for children to play, with a boardwalk surrounded by wetland pools and flowers and a river dipping platform for use by schools and community groups.

Volunteers have been hard at work doing regular litter picks in the stream in Baylis Park and by Montem.

Working Wetlands Conservation Officer for the project, Claire Hutchinson, said: “Thanks to the incredibly hard work of volunteers and local community groups we have removed hundreds of pieces of rubbish from the Salt Hill stream and its banks. Sadly, the litter we remove is always replaced with even more a few days later.

“This is how our rubbish gets into the ocean because the Salt Hill stream carries the litter into the Thames, which eventually flows out to sea carrying all of the plastic bags, food wrappers, drinks bottles and everything else dumped in it into the ocean where wildlife may eat it, or get tangled in it. If everyone took their litter home or put it in a bin this would help to protect the animals in the stream and the wildlife further away in the ocean.”

WWT is also working with local schools to create wetland wildlife gardens, and has trained volunteers as citizen scientists who will monitor the health of the stream every month by testing the water quality.

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